Hand washing is critical for everyone working in the medical and hospitality industries. We all know it, but how many people actually know how to wash their hands effectively?

Here is a quick quiz:

  1. Is a quick splash enough?
  2. Is soap essential?
  3. Is cold water OK?
  4. Is there a good method to wash your hands?
  5. What are the most commonly missed parts of the hand?

And the answers are…

  1. NO! And in case you missed it – NO!
  2. Absolutely. Soap (or equivalent) is essential for dissolving oils as well as killing bacteria.
  3. It’s better than nothing (if only a cold tap is available) but warm water is much more effective than cold water.
  4. Absolutely. Check out:
  5. Find out for yourself. Glitterbug is an ideal training tool to help identify where you have missed.

Having a good hand washing technique is essential for good hand hygiene. So it doesn’t matter if you a surgeon, GP, nurse, aid, chef, or waiter, other people’s welfare are literally in your hands.

But of all the people I have tested in hand washing, who had the best technique? A plumber – but then in their profession you would want make sure you have clean hands.

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