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Glitterbug Handwashing Kit

We are currently offering the Glitterbug Handwashing Kit to everyone buying the Glitterbug Handwashing Potion and a UV Torch. It is normally an extra $15. The kit is a handy case to store the items in between uses. It can store up to 3 items so is fantastic for the Glitterbug Handwashing Potion, Glitterbug Powder […]

Glitterbug Handwashing Kit

We now have a new case for our Glitterbug Handwashing Kit. We used to have a case that we thought was pretty good. By the time we started promoting it, the manufacturer had replaced it with an “almost the same” box which turned out to be nothing like the old one. So we frantically searched […]

How Glitterbug Works

This is just a quick blog to clear up some misunderstandings about how glitterbug works. The Glitterbug Lotion and Powder glows under UV light. To stress the point, it is the lotion or powder that glows. When you rub the Glitterbug Lotion into your hands and shine a UV light on it, it is the […]