GlitterBug is a product line that makes hand-hygiene education interesting, fun, and memorable.

It is this simple:

  1. Squirt Glitterbug Lotion onto your hands and rub it in (just pretend it is moisturiser).
  2. Wash and dry your hands.
  3. Use the UV Torch to illuminate all the lotion that hasn’t been washed out.

The GlitterBug Potion is a fluorescent lotion that is used with a UVA lamp making it possible to see how well hands are washed, while the GlitterBug Powder is used to see how contamination and germs can travel.

Perfect for schools, healthcare providers and food-handling businesses, GlitterBug products provide a valuable tool for teaching proper hand-hygiene techniques. Students have fun while learning about germs and proper handwashing and therefore remember the message.